Raven in Flight 9

Yay, number nline! The furthest I've ever gotten! This edition is special, and next time will be too. Meet you fifteen year old sister Aubrey. She has red hair and blue eyes. You're sixteen, btw.

Yay, number nline! The furthest I've ever gotten! This edition is special, and next time will be too. Meet you fifteen year old sister Aubrey. She has red hair and blue eyes. You're sixteen, Enjoy!

Created by: S_E_
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  1. Recap: You and Zach just sat kissing in the d-a-r-k d-a-r-k dark dark dark!
  2. You kick Zack. You stand and turn away. "Zach, don't stand so close to me." He's practically leaning on you. He puts his arm around your waist. "Oh come on ____," he says. You can feel his breath down your neck.
  3. You storm out. Outside, you see Carter and a guy standing in the hallway.The guy kisses Carter. You notice he has the same patch on his sleeve. "____!" Carter exclaims. "This is Peter, my..." she trails off and smiles at him playfully. "He's going to make sure your parents get here safely."
  4. "What?" You say. "You're going to go with Peter, get your parents, and bring them here. Just to be safe." Carter explains. Peter shakes your hand, and smiles brightly. "Hi, ____," He says.
  5. That night, you and Peter get ready to leave. Jack hugs you, and presses a necklace in your hand. Cameron kisses you quickly. The trip to your house is quick. When you get there, your parents have many questions. "Where have you been?"
  6. "Sorry guys, I've been living in a mansion with these five guys-" Before you can continue, your dad flips out. "WHAT? NO DAUGHTER OF MINE WOULD LIVE WITH FIVE MEN! WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU? WOULD AUBREY DO THAT? Just then your little sister Aubrey walks by. "Woah, five men?" She whistles.
  7. The following night, you eat dinner in the dining room. It's crowded with You, Brandon, Cameron, Kyle, Jack, Carter, Peter, Zach, Cassandra, Your parents, and your sister. Your parents ate uneasy. "You two will be moved somewhere safer," Peter says. "What?" You ask. "Its only safer. But, Aubrey will be staying. "What?" The four of you say. "____, shut up. Who has the orders here? " Carter motions to herself and Peter. "Tomorrow we'll bring you guys across town. We're all going, even Zach and Cassandra. " Zach leans over to shake hands with your father. "My people want _____ dead..." he whispers.
  8. The next day you all head out. When you get to the pick up location, you find a small army there to meet you. Everybody fights except your family. "What do they want?" Aubrey screams. "Brace yourselves, " you yell. You run out and bring out your wings, flapping them and causing a ripple. You here Aubrey's phone take a picture. You fly around shooting light blasts at people, until someone grabs you. You turn into a Raven and escape, but your hurt. You all make it to the warp place quickly. "Carter!" Peter screams. "I'll be fine, just go!" She runs into the crowd with two blades. "CARTER!" Peter races after her, and the rest of you are warped away.
  9. "Woah, you're badass..." Aubrey says. "Mouth!" Your mother snaps. You arrive, and say goodbye to your parents. Then you go back to the mansion.
  10. That night, you sit anxiously outside the training room door. The door opens, and Cameron and Kyle step out with Aubrey. "So?" Cameron clears his throat. "She does have powers." You're so exited, you throw your arms around him and kiss him. Aubrey gasps. "And Carter and Peter?" You ask. Kyle shakes his head. "Not a trace."
  11. Special look; Jack's journal: Today _____'s sister Aubrey tested positive for powers. We haven't told either of them what they are yet though... Just now, I went to the bathroom, and saw _____ making out with Cameron. She's in so much danger...

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