Stop the chain letter!!!

Please take this quiz. It will help me find out who started it. Things are getting worse and worse I think people are gonna start committing suicide because they think they are gonna die.

Whoever did start the chain letter is a cyberbully. There are innocent people who are sometimes gullible (no offense) and my dad calls cyberbullies like whoever started the chain letter "sharks in the water."

Created by: O1Awesomeness

  1. First, I'm gonna need to do a shout out to StopNow, who is the person who made a quiz about the same problem.
  2. Who started the chain letter?
  3. Are you paranoid about the chain letter?
  4. I am making a forum against the chain letter, it's gonna be in the lounge.
  5. I want to give more shoutouts to whoever posted comments against the chain letter.
  6. I need everyone to try to find who started it please.
  7. Thank you if you took this quiz if you are against the chain letter.
  8. I'm gonna need the creator of GTQ to find whoever started it and ban him/her forever please.
  9. Again thank you for taking this quiz.
  10. Comment about this and comment about what you think.

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