Why Didn't You Get Your Hogwarts Letter?

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Why didn't you receive your Hogwarts letter? Was it on purpose, or some tragic accident? Well, we with the Wizengamot have heard your questions and are willing to finally give you the answers you've been seeking!

We found the top most common problems with Acceptance letters being retrieved by their respected witches and wizards and decided to post them for you to see. Perhaps this will put your mind at ease...

Created by: EgyptsLegend
  1. Which Hogwarts house would you want to be in?
  2. Alright, seriously, where would you have actually been placed?
  3. Which class would you have been the most excited for?
  4. And if you would have survived until third year, what elective would you have chosen first?
  5. It was rumoured that the following list of people would have been in your year...who would you have been secretly excited to meet?
  6. You would have been the student who:
  7. If you had learned to Apparate, which of these distant lands would you have visited?
  8. How many siblings would have helped you cause chaos, if need be?
  9. What would you have missed most about the Muggle World?
  10. Which Charm were you most excited to learn?
  11. Which bully are you secretly glad you got to avoid?

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Quiz topic: Why Didn't You Get my Hogwarts Letter?