The Great Verbals Quiz

Do you have what it takes to test your knowledge about verbals. Well now, we're gonna find out. A simple 10-question quiz on the identification of verbals.

Don't worry. If you don't score high, try again. I mean, you can't get any worse, can you? Well, with those kind words of encouragement, let's get started!

Created by: amazon

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  1. TO WIN, you must be prepared.
  2. SKATEBOARDING is a popular pastime of the current generation.
  3. FINANCING a household takes a lot of effort.
  4. BROKEN, the glass vase lay shattered into a million pieces.
  5. MANAGING your time wisely will get you far in life.
  6. TO HOIST a sports trophy is the dream of many athletes.
  7. The BEDRIDDEN Chip couldn’t even move his legs.
  8. JUMPING for joy, James mastered his video game.
  9. CATAPULTING his hockey puck collection across the street, Chance finally completed his project.
  10. TO BE or not to be’s famous line stumped Chance.

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