Shattered (Pt.1 of my original story)

This is just my original story Shattered. This is my FIRST "quiz" like this so it may not be the best. Sorry if it isnt. BUT I intend for pt. 2 to be longer.

Now, Shattered is the story of the current "Richest Man in North America", Jacob Colem. When he is targeted by a terrorist organization with a "Robin Hood" complex and they take his family, he will do whatever it takes to get them back.

Created by: Ender
  1. Jacob Colem stepped through the door with an exasperated sigh after a long day's work. He set his briefcase down and smiled as he callwd out for his wife and six year old daughter. "Eliza! Eden! Im home!"
  2. Jacob dropped to his knee and held out his arms for Eden, expecting her to come bounding down the hall, her brown curls bouncing and her hazel eyes staring into his own, and crashing into his arms. But it didnt happen. Eliza didnt even reply with a "How was work" or "Hello honey!" There was nothing.
  3. "Hm...." Jacob stood with a grunt and brushed his salt-and-pepper hair back. He noticed a small note attached to the kitchen table and the computer was on in the livung room, which Eliza usually shut off before she left to take Eden to school. He made his way to the kitchen and opened the note, which simply read; [i]Check the computer[/i]
  4. "Eliza I swear if this is a joke...." He stormed to the computer and opened up a small file saved to the desktop that said "open me". The file loaded up very slowly to show a blank, black screen. After clicking "play" the image of three red columns appeared in the center of the screen.
  5. The screen changed from the columns to show a small concreter room with a man tied to a chair. Another man dressed in black and grey military fatigues walked in, a loaded firearm in his hand. He spoke in a low, chilling voice as he turned to the camera with the barrel of the gun to the man's head. "Hello, Jacob Colem."
  6. "I know you're wondering how I know your name and where you live. But that is not important now. I am known simply as Kronos and I am head of The Society. A group of hackers and mercenaries whose ultimate goal is to take from the poor and give to the needy. And YOU, Jacob Colem, are currently the richest man in North America..."
  7. "We have taken your wife and your daughter and you will get them bavk once you bring us your back account information. And if you dont-" Without so much as thinking, Silas pulled the trigger and blew a bullet through the man's head. Jacob flinched as blood and brain matter splattered the walls. "-that will happen to them."
  8. Jacob shuddered and gagged, struggling to cope with all of this. Silas kicked the man's dead body over and sneered as an address appeared on the screen. "If you want to see them alive again, go to the abandoned schoolyard and bring the informaton with you."
  9. The screen flickered back to black and Jacob hoped up from the chair and to the trashcan, vomiting into it as he tried soaking this all in. When he finally finished retching into the container, he wiped his mouth and leaned against the wall. "I...I have no choice....I have to go."
  10. Thanks for reading! Will you comment?

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