Which Cat OC of Mine are You?

I've made some original characters that I love to put in quizzes and such, so I decided to do this. The story behind these characters also all connect, the story is kind of based off of WoF and Warriors books.

The following characters are the ones that you could get in this quiz: -Cherry -Parrot -Gerald -Shattered -Gow -Jow -Musile, and that is all! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Do you often ignore / push away any siblings and / or friends?
  2. Are you self-confident?
  3. Do you consider yourself strong physically?
  4. Do you enjoy school / learning?
  5. Do you often find yourself getting into trouble with teachers or parents / guardians?
  6. Last Real question; Name the character trait most suited to you.
  7. Did you like the quiz?
  8. do you like cats lol
  9. do you warriors or wof
  10. the last questions don't affect your character results at all

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Quiz topic: Which Cat OC of Mine am I?