Is your story original

This quiz is too help avoid cliche`s and sort out ideas, Is your story Original? Many people have great ideas but still need tweaking take the test and see!

Remember this isnt accurate, if you try it on a allready published book you may be suprised. The test isnt too detailed as I tried to focus on the most re-acurring problems. Please post your results so I can reflect and maybe make a better version, thank you

Created by: derektheman
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  1. Does the story start on a dark stormy night?
  2. Is the main charater normal? e.g human or no powers Magic= special
  3. Do you have a well thought out plot. So no, well its about a girl who has powers and is being chased by people because urmm...
  4. Does your main character get all te girls/guys
  5. Has it been done before- E.g A young person has magical powers and goes to a magic school is overdone
  6. Your characters names...
  7. Is it a love triangle
  8. Do you have rules? e.g if in our time no flying (unless it`s part of the plot)or in a made up world has reasons
  9. Other characters have been thought out
  10. Is it based in a world thats already been written about?
  11. The characters quest..

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Quiz topic: Is my story original