Scorch (Original story) character quiz

There are many brilliant charecters in my story scorch, but which are you? The fire bender Scorce, the Earth bender Zascaria, the air bender Thence, the water bender Aloria, the loyal friend Leighton, or maybe the Step sister Ginger. take this quiz to find out.

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Created by: CeCe

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  1. Your hair color is...?
  2. You feel best when...?
  3. Yor favorite day of the week?
  4. What's you favorite animal?
  5. You sing like...?
  6. You paint your fingernails what color?
  7. You current crush is...?
  8. "Most of the things that don'e make sence, make the most" Does that make sence to you?
  9. Do you speak more then two lauguages?
  10. Your style is...?
  11. Do you have any siblings?
  12. A war is going on outside your house right now, what do you do?

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