Wich Imagine Dragons song are you?

Imagine Dragons is my favorite band, so I picked their four best songs for this quiz. The songs are: Radioactive, Demons, On top of the world, and It's time. I hope you enjoy my quiz!

Will you get your favorite of the four? Probably not. But wich song will you get? This quiz shall decide your personality, your fate, and, most importantly, Your Epic Theme Song! Have fun!

Created by: S_E_

  1. You're walking down the street and see an old lady struggle with her bags. You...
  2. Your mother comes in your room, and tells you she's marrying her boyfriend, who's your enemy's dad.
  3. A man comes by murders your best friend. What do you do?
  4. Your favorite music genre(out of these four) is...
  5. What do you choose?
  6. How do you you show your love?
  7. Have you ever done something you're guilty of?
  8. Have you ever done something you're guilty of?
  9. Do you like Imagine Dragons? (No effect)
  10. Okay, rate and comment. Bye! ;)

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Quiz topic: Wich Imagine Dragons song am I?