The final moments

In this far away land, there is a group of travelers with cat ears and tails. They live far in the mountains, and have been through much together. But, that will all soon change. After one's revealence of being a star, another forces her to die.

Star: long silver hair. Flame: Spiky orange hair. Claw: short black hair. Rain: medium length brown hair. Snow: shouder length white hair. Bandit: short blond hair. They all have the same color eyes as their hair. Their ears and tails are also the same color as their hair. Their all pale, exept for Claw and Snow are black, and Rain has an intense tan.

Created by: S_E_

  1. If you didn't read the paragraphs, please do so now.
  2. Flame sat next to Star. "So the spirit that made Rain go evil went into the gun? And now it protects her?" Beside him, Star smiled and twitched her ears. "Yes." "Great. So... you're a star?" Star looked away. "5,000 years ago, I had a destiny of saving the earth. I was sent here with a stowaway; the kit, only 100 years old, followed me here." Star turned to Flame. "I swore to protect him. If I failed to do so... He's my prince."
  3. "Oh." Flame blushed and turned away. "But..." Star said, turning his head, "There is one thing I've never told you." She looked deeply into his eyes. "I've loved you from the moment I layed my eyes on you." She whispered.
  4. Flame blushed. "I-" He started, but was cut off by Claw and Rain. "Snow stole bandit!" Claw yelled. "I never trusted her!" Star yelled, grabbing her bow. Flame followed with his sword. "He's not supposed to leave camp!"
  5. When they reached Snow, she had Bandit tied over her sword. "The stars mean nothing! The time for Darkness has come!" Her white hair turned black, and she began to float.
  6. "You cannot kill the prince of Stars!" Star yelled. Rain pulled out her whip, and her gun gave a shot or two. "If I can't, then why did you let me watch him? Don't play dumb! I've seen you jump to go to town with Flame! I know you'll fall if I kill him! And the others will be of no concern!" Snow howled. She shot dark orbs at Star, who casted Star Sheild on herself.
  7. "Claw! Rain! You two protect the kit! I'll summon Nitemare!" Star yelled. Claw nodded. "C'mon!" He motioned Rain with his staff. From her purse, Star held a card. "Power of Nitemare, come into play!" The dark horse apeared with a horn and wings. It charged at snow, ready for anything.
  8. Snow smirked, then shot at Flame. "Nooo!" Star yelled, deflecting the magic off her bow. "I can't lose him..." The magic flew back towards Snow, who in turn shot it at Bandit! He autimaticly dispeared into darkness. "No. I failed." Star fell to her knees. "I was here for 5,000 years, I had 10,000 years of training, but I couldn't defeat the one who challenged the Stars." She began sobbing, and flung her arms around Flame. "Shh, it's okay." He reasurred her. Star stopped crying, and stood up. "The Stars have told me to enter the abyss." Claw gasped. "Not the abyss!"
  9. "The abyss is where spirts come to die," Claw explained. Star turned. "Exactly. Rain, I want you to keep my books. May thy give you guidence." Rain hugged Star. "Keep my rope. You'll be able to speak to animals." Star turned to Claw. "My weapons were crafted by Orion's belt. May they give you protection in the dark." Star's gaze swept over her friends, and landed on Flame. "I must do this." She said. She kissed him on the lips, leaving him blushing.
  10. Star stepped into the abyss, her steps illuminating the darkness. Flame tried to follow, but was stopped by a forcefeild. "Only spirits can cross." Claw said. His tail flicked through. "I'm half spirit." Flame turned to Star. "Don't go! " He yelled. "Stay!" Star turned around. "When you pass on to another realm, I shall be waiting. Until then, the Stars will protect and guide you all! I love you, Flame." Star stepped backwards, and fell instantly. "I love you too..." Flame whispered.

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