Who said that?(Disney edition)

I like Disney movies. Do you? I'm talking about their good in-theaters animated movies, like Frozen. Not their sucky tv only movies. Disney movies, are like the blood that binds a family together.

Are you a Disney fan? Well, find out here for a monthly fee of $0.00. I think you will find this quiz amusing, it is for fun, games, and so I can level up. Enjoy.

Created by: S_E_

  1. "Just one kiss?" Who said that?
  2. "It's a Dinglehopper!" Who said that?
  3. "Hi, exuse me? We're looking for his son Bingo." Who said that?
  4. "Oh look at that. I've been impaled." Who said that?
  5. "Could you please not get him arrested? Just for 24 hours, then you can chase eachother till your hearts content." Who said that?
  6. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry for coming in uninvited." Who said that?
  7. "Now, who told y'all to that way?" Who said that?
  8. "I mean, your not akward, I'm akawrd, your gorgous. Wait what?" Who said that?
  9. "You gotta dig a little deeper!" Who said that?
  10. "I'm from the Ocean." Who said that?

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