Which Disney mother are you most like?

They are all wonderful role models, and fun characters that we love to admire. Disney mothers are the best mothers! Ever wonder what kind of Disney mom you are most like? Just take the quiz, and find out!

Each question with your best knowledge, and personal opinion. Your choices will show which Disney mother you resemble the most. Are you fun loving, and carefree? Or are you more routine and proper? Maybe you're more old fashioned & traditional, OR maybe you're more happy-go-lucky, and adventurous then you think!

Created by: Beth
  1. What is your favorite past time to do with your children?
  2. Chore you actually really don't mind doing while others try to avoid.
  3. Your favorite method of getting the kids to fall asleep:
  4. Favorite (or dream) vacation spot for you & your family
  5. Favorite hobby for YOURSELF
  6. Favorite genre of music
  7. Pick your favorite kind of meal:
  8. What is your favorite type of TV programming?
  9. What's an ideal pet for you?
  10. How many kids do you want/have?

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Quiz topic: Which Disney mother am I most like?