Are You a Disney Expert?

Disney is one of our most famous, most beloved movie making companies in the USA and in other places around the world as well. Do you know Disney as well as you think?

This is the level easy Disney. Do you have what it takes to pass my quiz composed of my own miracle brain power? Well lets see. This quiz is for your own info and please don't complain if your believe it to be hard... Because for me.. It's really simple.

Created by: Emma15
  1. The Quote Round "Oh just look at this dress! And look! I've got slippers!"
  2. "Were you scared? Tell me honestly."
  3. "Actually, She's just ugly"
  4. "I wanna make things! I wanna add something to this world!"
  5. "Let the spirit guide you!"
  6. "I wanna a belly button too! Not the kind that goes out but the kind that goes in..."
  7. "What's that Mamma?"
  8. "Ohhhhh do it again do it again!"
  9. Q&A Round: What color was Briar Rose's dress first?
  10. What did Tarzan teach Jane to say in Gorilla?
  11. How did Jafar die?
  12. In the movie, The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe, what kind of animal was Mr. Beaver's best friend?
  13. In Peter Pan, what kind of animal was Toodles?
  14. Why does Mowgli run away?
  15. What does Scuttle call a fork?
  16. What does Bambi's mom call Bambi's dad?
  17. Guess the Song Round: "Seven AM the usual morning lineup."
  18. "Raise Your Head Up"
  19. "Below! Below!"
  20. "And we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoot that never ends"
  21. "There's something sweet, and almost kind"
  22. "She don't got a lot to say..."
  23. "Ah Weeeee a bum ba wee!"
  24. "my sneer could curdle dairy!"

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Quiz topic: Am I a Disney Expert?