How well do you know your Disney?

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People claim themselves to Be Disney fans and Disney know it all's but how much d they really know. Do they know every character, movie song and all about the parks.

Are you a Disney fan and a know it all? Do you know every character, movie, song and all about the park? Find out how much of a Disney fan you really are in just a few questions.

Created by: AmyShep
  1. Who is Mickey Mouse's step brother?
  2. How many official Disney Princesses are there.
  3. When did Disneyland California open?
  4. What is Tinkerbelle's sister called?
  5. Who originally voiced Mickey Mouse
  6. What are Donald Duck's Nephews called
  7. Sleeping Beauty is set in
  8. How many Dogs did Perdita give birth to?
  9. Which of these are not a official Disney Princess
  10. Which of these are not a song from Aladdin
  11. How many Lost Boys were there?
  12. What experiment was Stitch
  13. What is the Beast name in Beauty and the Beast
  14. In the Little Mermaid which song did they think about getting rid of?
  15. Who is the onlt Disney prince to not sing
  16. In Frozen how many Brothers did Hans have?
  17. Who's Castle stands in Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld
  18. What wish did Genie not grant for Aladdin?
  19. How old is Elsa from Frozen
  20. Who is the villain from Tangled
  21. How many dresses did Belle wear through out the movie
  22. What is Rapunzels pet called.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Disney?