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So, you like Disney movies? That's nice. But are you a Disney MASTER?! Only a few can truly call themselves "Disnerds." They are those who not only know and love Disney's modern movies, but all the movies in between. Can you prove to be the ultimate Disney Master?

Ready for the most challenging Disney quiz of your life? Are you ready to see what seperates true Disney fans from the posers? Well, here's your chance. Prove yourself as the ultimate Disney Disnerd!

Created by: Erika
  1. Which was the first cartoon Walt Disney animated using the character he would later name "Mickey Mouse?"
  2. From which animated Disney film did the song "Higitus Figitus" come from?
  3. How many sisters does Ariel have in "The Little Mermaid?"
  4. What was the last animated movie that Walt Disney added his personal touch to before he died of cancer (during production) in 1966?
  5. Which animation studio was formed after a former Disney animator left the company, taking 9 animators with him?
  6. From which animated Disney film did the song "Why Should I Worry" come from?
  7. What job did Walt Disney have During World War 1?
  8. From which Disney film did the song "April Showers" come from?
  9. (Not including Pixar) The majority of Disney movie MAIN characters are...
  10. The first cartoon to ever have synchronized sound was a Disney cartoon called...
  11. The first Disney cartoon to ever have color was called...
  12. Walt Disney made the first ever cartoon movie. People warned him before production that no one would want to watch an entire animated movie, but he proved them wrong, starting a worldwide trend. This movie was called...
  13. What movie was the first Disney animated movie to feature a conscious murder?
  14. What was the last Disney film using traditional, hand drawn animation before the CEO shut the studio down?
  15. Which movie was Disney's first live-action movie?
  16. The first cartoon short featuring "Donald Duck" was...
  17. Which movie was the first movie to mix traditional 2D Animation with CG animation?
  18. Which movie was the first Disney movie to ever receive a "PG" rating, suggesting that parents might want to supervise younger children while watching?

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