The warrior path: #3

Hi, here's part 3! I'm sorry it took so long. I have a poll on my profile page concerning the story. At first I had three options, Elkpaw, Emberkit and Coalkit, or Sophie and Russet. Then I took out Elkpaw. Please ignore the next paragraph.

As I said, you must ignore this. Looking at this could burn your retinias. Do not look directly at it, or you will experience weight loss, confusion, nuasia, malfuntioning brains, and explosion. Thank you, and please reamember these important facts.

Created by: S_E_

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  1. You sit in the Apprentice den entrance. You are alomost seven moons old. You go over to Cloudpaw and Squirrelpaw.
  2. Before your littermates can answer, Stormlight comes up to you. "Border patrol. C'mon Mistpaw. Sunclan border."
  3. When you're at the border, you see the Sunclan Medicene cat. "I need to see Fernbreeze." She says.
  4. No matter what you chose she asks for you to escort her. Once in the medicene den, she and Fernbreeze turn to look at you.
  5. "Mistpaw and Rainpaw," Fernbreeze starts. "When you were kits, you were stolen by rouges." She continues. "Those rouges had heard of a great profecey when they were apprentices."
  6. The Sunclan medicene cat looks at you both. "There will be two kits, born of a single moon, who will save the clans." She stops to look at you both closely. "You two apprentices, hold the power of Starclan in your paws."
  7. As you leave the medicene den, you bump into the toms. "Oh, hi..." you say, eyeing...
  8. "Foxpaw looks at you questioningly. "What did you talk about?" Nightpaw barrels him over. "Tell me first." He declares. Moonpaw slithers to the edge. "We're just curious."
  9. The toms stay beside you, until Cloudpaw and Squirrelpaw come bounding over. "Hey, leave her alone." Cloudpaw says. "Yeah, she doesn't wanna talk!" Squirrelpaw adds.
  10. You make your way over to your nest, thnking about what's been happening to you. "First I'm part of a prophocey, and now the toms are acting strange.." You mumble, slipping off to sleep...

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