Warrior Cats... Become a warrior!

This is a Warriors choose your path game. this first quiz could be the most important, because you will get a name, and a clan. MoonClan has set your paws on an incredible adventure!

You begin as a kit. a cute little kit. But MoonClan has high expectations for you! Its time, time to face you destiny! There will be danger, are you ready?

Created by: Zara Verthicha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Gotta do the gender question one more time.=-) thanks.
  2. Ok, before i start, ALL CREDIT GOES TO WCROTH. Ok? This was their idea, and i just really liked it. =-) Anyways, the gist of this quiz, and their sequals are basically this: There are 6 clans, TreeClan, StormClan, FireClan, SnowClan, StoneClan, and RainClan. there will be new prophecys, but they have not yet been reveled. You are a kit, and your paws have been set by MoonClan. Are you tough enough to be a Warrior?
  3. You are open your eyes. Your mother is eating a mouse, and your siblings are throwing a moss ball. "Look mama! she/ he's awake!" You:
  4. Your mother looks at you. "are you ok?"
  5. Your mom looks at you one more time, and then said: "Go play with your siblings. I've asked Littletail to watch you while i get some fresh air." Your mother says, exiting. "And remember. No expeditions to the Elder's den again. I never heard the end of it." Your mom said rolling her eyes. You watched her fluffy creamy coat slide through the ferns blocking the entrence. you:
  6. "Kits, want to play with the moss?" Little tail asks, pushing the moss near you.
  7. You pick up the moss, the game has begun! You pass to your sister, who passes it to your smallest brother, who passes it to your bigger brother, who passes it to you. You grab it, but, Oh no! Theres a thorn. it scrapes you. you say:
  8. You are rushed to the medicine den, and soon, the thorn is out. You are able to walk. your mother comes in to help. You say:
  9. You are carried to the nursery. you:
  10. Its dusk. time too sleep! mom says you can go outside tomorrow.
  11. gotta do the gender question 3 more times.
  12. ...
  13. last one...

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