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  • Oh!I always thought i will live for 100 yrs like my great grandmother who died 5 yrs ago.

    30-45?So u mean i have like more 20 or something yrs left to live???!!!!Jk.

  • I got 20-30 years old xD. Im gonna be murdered or something!

  • You will die at fifty or sixty years or older. This is the age that msot people die at, so you'll probably die of old age.

    ha ha yes I shall live! until I'm fifty... :/ Great quiz 9/10

    Jack Attack 1995
  • i dont want to die :( i think i might get a disease like my mom tho..... good thing im not 35-45 yet :)

  • 50-60
    YAYYYYY..... ...Ish


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