What Ice Cream Flavor are You?

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Just a random quiz I decided to make. xD I wanted to put a bunch of results...but in the end I only made four. :/ Oh well...this paragraph thing is insanely stupid...

And by the way, I have a series called You and The olf Riders. ^^ Great...now I have to fill in this paragraph...this is stupid...darn stupid thing Dx

Created by: Nakita

  1. It's summer vacation. What are you planning on doing over the summer?
  2. Great. Your "best friend" just stole your car. You...
  3. If you HAD to dye your hair an unnatural color, what color would you choose?
  4. You're at a pet store. Which pet do you buy?
  5. Which is your favorite element?
  6. Your perfect home.
  7. Which of these series do you like/have read the most?
  8. You only have one wish. What do you wish for?
  9. Describe yourself in one word.
  10. Please rate/comment! :3

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Quiz topic: What Ice Cream Flavor am I?