Which ice cream flavor are you?

Everybody loves ice cream, right? Well, mostly everyone, excluding me. (Strange, I know.) But, have you bet taken time to think of what those fancy flavors could mean? If so, this quiz is for you.

What ice cream flavor are you? What does it say about or personality? Have you ever thought about how in the world an ice cream flavor could describe your personality to begin with? Take this quiz and see!

Created by: Sami
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  1. You've transferred to a new school, and you've been there for a whole month now. You've made great friends, joined the school's basketball team, and are now class president. Everything seems to be going great when you here that a certain guy/girl on the basketball team told everyone they new that you hooked up with their boy/girl friend at a party you weren't even at last week, and the rumor's spreading like wildfire! What do you do?
  2. How would you describe yourself personality-wise?
  3. Which of these can you most likely see yourself doing?
  4. Which of these can you most likely see yourself doing?
  5. What kind of meals do you most see yourself eating out of these?
  6. Preferred drink?
  7. How do/do you think people describe you as?
  8. Which of these can you NOT see yourself doing?
  9. Which of these school subjects do you hate the most?
  10. Take the road less traveled?

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Quiz topic: Which ice cream flavor am I?