what kind of ice cream flavor are you

are you excided to take this quiz? well you should be because this quiz is really fun and it is sweet to! this quiz will dig deep in side your brain and find out wich kind of ice cream you are.

have you ever wondered wich ice cream flavor you would be if you were an ice cream flavor? well soon you are going to find out. are you cotton candy?, peppermint?, oreo? or mint chocolate chip.Have fun!!!

Created by: hilary and hannah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you or have been for halloween?
  2. what do you like
  3. What is your favorite picture
  4. what is your favorite ice cream
  5. what is you favorite color
  6. what is your favorite food
  7. What's your favorite animal
  8. if you had 1 million(1,000,000)What would you do with it
  9. what do you think repersents you
  10. what's your favorite treat

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Quiz topic: What kind of ice cream flavor am I