What ice cream parlor should you visit?

Which ice cream shop is best for you, now you're probably saying that every ice cream is the same, but when you have ice cream from different brands, you'll see a difference, know what it is?

Hee Hee! That's why I made this quiz, for you to find out just that! By the way, if you think a fatso made this quiz, you're WRONG. I am skinny. But I like ice cream. IS THAT SO WRONG?!

Created by: Roetha.

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  1. What's your favorite ice cream flavour?
  2. Do you prefer slushies or milkshakes?
  3. If you were to buy a slushie, what flavour would it be then?
  4. If you were to buy a milkshake, what flavour would it be?
  5. Do you prefer Ice cream with toppings, or peices of chocolate with it?
  6. Are you craving an ice cream because of this quiz?
  7. How many scoops of ice cream do you get when you buy it?
  8. Which of these sentences describes your love of ice cream?
  9. How many times do you buy ice cream in a WEEK?
  10. Are you fat enough to be called 'The blob'?
  11. You have ten dollars, and one scoop cost five (Yeah, right) this means you have enough for TWO scoops, would you:
  12. Do you prefer your ice cream in a cup or cone?
  13. That's it, the quiz has ended, you've probably made a pond of drool (don't worry, your mum will clean it up) This will effect your final score, so how deep is this pond of drool you've made from your ice cream craving?
  14. If you chose the second answer to that last question, it's OK, now I'm just being silly, and this question has no effect on your final score, but which of your most prized possesions will you save from getting wet before the flood reaches your room to destroy all your stuff? (You only get to choose one thing)

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Quiz topic: What ice cream parlor should I visit?