How Awesome Are You?

This quiz is truly one of a kind, offering the knowledge of awesomeness you have been craving. If you do well in this, you can finally get up from your computer, walk to your nearest skyscraper and scream- "I am awesome!!"

Thge true question is though,are you awesome? Its puzzling, and origionally thought to be an unsurveyable state of mind, until now. With a smorgasboard of questions, you and you only can answer the eternal question that has been boiling in your pancreas. Take the test, find out.

Created by: Nolan

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  1. Have you ever been mauled by a bear?
  2. Have you ever sneezed with a bloody nose?
  3. Have you ever swallowed a tooth?
  4. (Now it gets interesting) If yes to qustion 3, what did it taste like?
  5. How big is your nose?
  6. Do you know what a cuddlefish is?
  7. Have you shot a gun?
  8. Do you know all the lyrics to 'Eye of the Tiger?'
  9. Have you ever had kidney failure
  10. (Redemption) Do squids have souls?

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Quiz topic: How Awesome am I?