Are you prey or predator?

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When people think of "predator", or "prey", they usually think of wild animals, right? But there are predators and prey in the every-day human world as well.

Of course, when I say there are predators and prey in the human world, I don't mean that humans can fall prey to other humans. But you probably know that, right? ;) Take this quiz to see if you're a predator or prey.

Created by: Nakita

  1. How social are you?
  2. Are you okay with being alone for long periods of time?
  3. Are you vegetarian?
  4. A man walks up to you with a gun and tells you to get in a car. You...
  5. If you were allowed to murder one person, who would it be?
  6. Have you been bullied before?
  7. When in danger, your first reaction is to...
  8. Which one of these is most important in a fight?
  9. How patient are you?
  10. Are you more of a defender or an offender?

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Quiz topic: Am I prey or predator?