Warrior Names Come Now

Prologue The moon was shining on a dark beautiful lake. The wind was blowing just enough to gently shake the leaves. Nearby the lake, in the long grass a fox creeped slowly towards a little black field mouse. That was timidly nibbling on a corn kernel, unaware that it was about to get snatched up by a hungry fox. The fox leaped to where the mouse was and flipped it high in the air and killed it with one bite. Then trotted happily to the hole where he had buried his other prey. He headed home with his jaws full of the prey he had caught that morning, to his set in a hollow tree. His mate, Quicksilver, and their twelve kits Rigger, Milkbone, Mud, Fang, Misty, Blood, Growl, Dew, Puddle, Feather, Sparrow, and Maxi the runt of the litter all gathered around to eat the prey he caught.

"I want the mouse!" squealed Maxi. "No, that to big for you, Maxi share it with Rigger." Added Quicksilver. "I don't want to share with him he'll eat it all!" Rigger exclaimed. Flame shot a stern look at Rigger. "All right I'll share but, I want the bigger half!" yipped Rigger. The rest of the food was evenly dived among the kits, they cuddled up to their mother and fell asleep. Flame glanced nervously at his mate. "What is wrong?" "I went over to the farmer's barn ..." Flame hesitantly stated."What happened?" She asked fearfully. "The farmers brought home Dogs and I saw...a whole family of dead foxes.

Created by: Lillie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like my book's name The Rise of Moonclan
  2. Do you like the clan name Moonclan Fireclan Grassclan ?
  3. What book are you on
  4. Who is the leader of Moonclan
  5. Who likes this
  6. if you were a warrior you'd eat..
  7. hi
  8. are you
  9. is your last name
  10. are you
  11. do you have a mate
  12. do you like kits
  13. do you like others
  14. are you fluffy

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