Do you know who is the Deadliest Warrior?

Have you ever heard of the TV series Deadliest Warrior? If yes, this quiz will test your knowledge of who really is the Deadliest Warrior and other trivial facts.

The Deadliest Warrior takes two warriors (like Viking and Samurai) and tests the lethality of their weapons. Then they input their findings into a computer program which simulates a battle 1000 times in which the warrior with the most kills wins and is known as the Deadliest Warrior.

Created by: Brian Ranger

  1. Who won, the Apache or Gladiator?
  2. Who won, viking or samurai?
  3. Who won, Spartan or Ninja?
  4. Who won, knight or pirate?
  5. Who won, Yakuza or Mafia?
  6. Who won, Green Beret or Spetsnaz?
  7. Who won, Shaolin Monk or Maori Warrior?
  8. Who won, William Wallace of Shaka Zulu?
  9. Who won, IRA or Taliban?
  10. Who won, Spartan or Samurai?
  11. Who won, Spetsnaz or IRA?
  12. Who won, SWAT or GSG 9?
  13. Which of the following are not matchups planned for Season 2?
  14. Who is the narrator?
  15. Is there going to be a Deadliest Warrior video game?

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Quiz topic: Do I know who is the Deadliest Warrior?