How Much Do You Know About Deadliest Warrior?

This quiz tests your mind on Spike's awesome television show, Deadliest Warrior, where men find out if two warriors would battle each other, who would win.

Are you a genius about Deadliest Warrior? You must have a great memory and sit down on your nice comfertable couch (if you have on) and watch Deadliest Warrior... and remember stuff out of each episode.

Created by: Patrick Freilinger

  1. Who won, the KGB or the CIA?
  2. Which weapon got the edge, the samurai katana or the viking great axe?
  3. How tall was the samurai?
  4. Who won, the spartan or the ninja?
  5. Who created Deadliest Warrior?
  6. Which weapon got the edge, the katar daggers or the dolabra pickaxe
  7. Could the Aztec Jaguar kill you?
  8. Who was Vlad the Impaler up against?
  9. Can the Atlatl and Ticlochli (Aztec projectile weapon) kill?
  10. What is the Jian?
  11. What place is the GSG9 located?
  12. What is the tecpatl?
  13. What got the edge, KGB's shoe knife or the CIA's garrote choker?
  14. What does the claymore belong to?
  15. What got the edge, the aara coiled sword, (Rajput's) or the Centurion pilum spear?
  16. A lot of the time they test weapons on _ _ _ carcases
  17. Out of all the Deadliest Warriors, who got the least amount of kills in the battle simulation?
  18. Which ancient weapon caused the most damage out of all Deadliest Warriors?
  19. How many kills did the Celt get?
  20. Who was the warrior who got the most kills?
  21. Who lost, the gladiator or Apache?
  22. How many edges did the Maori Warrior get over the Shaolin Monk?

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