How well do you know The Deadliest Dare?

The Deadliest Dare, Hardy Boys Casefile number 30: Dangerous pranks always backfire. Have you read this gripping Hardy Boys book? How well do you remember it? Or was it memorable at all?

How well do you know the 30th Hardy Boys Casefile, The Deadliest Dare. Find out in this quiz over the novel! Find out if you really know the book or if the details are lost to you in reading it!

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. According to the beginning of the book, what did it all start with?
  2. What injuries did Callie sustain from the wreck?
  3. What did Joe discover caught in his teeth as he was waiting impatiently for Frank to finish talking to Callie on the phone?
  4. Who holds a gun on the boys as they are about to leave the mansion?
  5. What did Con Riley suggest the boys go home and do?
  6. What fairy tale did the clerk in Chez Maurice say that Joe's story was similar to?
  7. What was the name of the fat persian cat that took an immediate liking to harassing Frank?
  8. How did Joe manage to get loose from the chair he was tied to?
  9. How long was the drop from the window Frank was dangling from in the old academy?
  10. How long did Curt Branders say that Joe and Jeanne had to stay captive before they were released?
  11. How much did Frank pay for a dozen doughnuts?
  12. What was the name of the girl who was babysitting at Grandmatkee's house?
  13. What did Kevin do when Joe told him that Curt was really a killer-for-hire for the first time?
  14. What did Curt Branders "murder" instead of Frank?
  15. What does Curt do in order to get rid of Joe?
  16. While Joe was beginning to pass out from lack of oxygen, what color did the gem-like bubbles turn?
  17. What other option made Joe agree to go to the hospital to get checked out?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Deadliest Dare?