How well do you know The Genius Thieves?

The Genius Thieves, Hardy Boys Casefile number 9: Brains and greed are an explosive mix. Have you read this gripping Hardy Boys book? How well do you remember it? Or was it memorable at all?

How well do you know the 9th Hardy Boys Casefile, The Genius Thieves. Find out in this quiz over the novel! Find out if you really know the book or if the details are lost to you in reading it!

Created by: Ellizabeth
  1. What is the first line of the song that is blasting out of the radio on the side of the street?
  2. Who does Callie say that Frank looks like?
  3. What was the name of Frank's chemistry teacher?
  4. After fifteen minutes of playing ball, what was the score of Jim and Frank's basketball game?
  5. Who was driving the car that almost ran Frank over?
  6. What was the name of Brad's family's chauffer?
  7. What color of wig did Joe wear over his dyed black hair?
  8. Who was Sandy's ex-boyfriend?
  9. Who did Arnie think started the fire in his room?
  10. How long did Frank dream it took for him to finish his test?
  11. What did Mr. Rogers pull out of the breast pocket of his jacket?
  12. Who created the Electrojams?
  13. Who else snuck into the administration office the second time the boys did?
  14. What kind of weapon did Dwight find and try to use?
  15. What was the room number that the transfers were being made out of?
  16. What flavor of punch did Joe throw in the masked man's face?
  17. What injury did Joe sustain when he landed on the other side of the open grave?
  18. How did the pheromone-crazed Joe react to the loud heavy metal music coming from the truck?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Genius Thieves?