How well do you know Percy Jackson

You must be very smart. Maybe even a genius. A genius is a very hard thing to qualify as. Not many people can, so I hope you pass this quiz. Not only will you be a genius, you will be postive that you are one.

Are you a genius, take this quiz and find out. Most people do not know if they are a genius or not until they rise to a challenge and win with brilliant accuracy

Created by: Naima
  1. What is Percy's mom's name?
  2. What is Percy's sword named?
  3. True of false? Chiron is really a centaur.
  4. Who is Percy's father?
  5. What disorder does Percy have?
  6. How old was Thalia when she became a tree?
  7. Who is Percy's half brother?
  8. What can Percy control?
  9. Which is the third book in the series?
  10. Who is Athena's daughter?
  11. Who is the author of the series?
  12. Who is the evil Titan Lord?
  13. True or False? Athena does not approve of Percy being friends with Annabeth.
  14. In what book is Thalia turned back into a person?
  15. Who is the son of HAdes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson