how well do you know stewie (family guy)

there are many smart people, but few geniuses. Are you at genius at stewie quizzes. i know i am. i made the thing and i can take it back but i won't. THis quiz just looks back at stewie's life and has random questions

Take one minute of your life to take this quiz and find how smart you are. come on, i dare you. Better yet, i double dare you, better yet i dare you to not not do it. Better yet, .. i'll shutup now

Created by: Shad Taleb

  1. who is stewie's arch nemesis?
  2. finish this sentence. what the ________ you staring at?
  3. in the episode, "from method to madness", what is the name of the girl that Stewie teams up with to do a musical?
  4. When stewie tries to get on a plane on the episode "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", what does he demand?
  5. IN the previous question's episode, how many times will stewie kill Chris if he puts two sprinlkes on stewie's ice cream.
  6. What is stewie's middle name?
  7. Where does stewie keep his peppermint mentos?
  8. when stewie wants to kill peter's sperm, how does he enter peter after he shrinks his flying ship.
  9. In the episode "dammit Jannet", what do the blocks say after he hits it for a second time.
  10. Th very first ime that stewie encounters with a bully, what does the bully take from stewie
  11. who makes the best quizzes in the world?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know stewie (family guy)