What Family Guy character are you?

A lot of people love the very popular show called Family Guy. Why not? It is on many stations like FOX, WGN, Adult Swim, and TBS. It is on almost every night. So who do you love on the show?

So who do you think you are on the show? Are you fat Peter, skinny Lois, fat Chris, teen Meg, baby Stewie, or pet Bryan??????? We will find out very shortly.

Created by: Stewie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you overweight?
  2. Do you like to have sex?
  3. Do you like looking at naked people of the same or different gender?
  4. Would you invite your ex-friend/nerd to your party?
  5. If you are a girl, would you join a lesbian group, if you are a boy, would you join a gay group?
  6. Are you an idiot?
  7. Would you fake something to make your life better?
  8. Are you and your neighbors rivals?
  9. Do you wear glasses?
  10. Final Question. Who is your favorite character on Family Guy?

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Quiz topic: What Family Guy character am I?