what family guy mamber are you???

Family guy has become the worlds favourite cartoon family ever. It it now more popular than the Simpsons. But what character out of the family are you???

Well now you can find out!!! will you be Brian, Lois, Peter, Meg, Chris or Stewie. Good luck and take your time if you must... and also don't be angry if you don't get who you wanted.

Created by: Brian Griffin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your ideal job.
  2. At a Party what would you be doing?
  3. If you found one hundred dollars/pounds what would you do???
  4. If there is a fire, what would you grab???
  5. Do you enjoy television???
  6. What do you hate about the world???
  7. What is your favourite food???
  8. What animal would you like to be???
  9. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend???
  10. What's 1+1???

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Quiz topic: What family guy mamber am I???