What Family Guy character do you act like?

there is a family guy fan, and FAMILY GUY!! fan, which character are you? Are you funny like peter? or are you whiny like meg, you wont know until you take the quiz!

do you like Family Guy? ever wonder which character is most suited to your personality? well find out by taking this quiz!!!! if you dont do so well take it again!

Created by: Amy
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  1. If faced with a problem, you would most likely:
  2. You are really drunk, who do you call?
  3. You get in trouble for something, whether you did it or not you
  4. Your TV quits working so you
  5. You get really bored and want to amuse yourself, the first thing you try is
  6. You get fired from your job, your first thought is
  7. You get your heart broken, so you
  8. You want to tell that special someone how you feel so you
  9. You get tired of taking a stupid quiz so you
  10. Youre on the last question so you think to yourself

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Quiz topic: What Family Guy character do I act like?