family guy extreme ultimate fans

There are alot of people out there, but do all of them know there family guy? What is family guy? Family guy is a comedy and is on fox. Go family guy.

Are you an extreme family guy watcher? Do you have the family guy talent to beast my quiz? You probably wonder. But thanks to this quiz, you'll see how myuch of a family guy fan you are.

Created by: pablo
  1. What is Chris's artistic name?
  2. Where does Cleveland work?
  3. What is the name of peter's restraunt in, "No meals on Wheels"???
  4. What is the name of Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe's favorite bar?
  5. What is Lois's Maiden Name?
  6. What is the only Reason Janet liked Stewie?
  7. What is the old man "Herbert's" nickname?
  8. What does Peter name is Pet Fish?
  9. What advice does the marriage helper give to Peter and Lois?
  10. What is the reason Lois serves 2 years in Prison?
  11. What is Peter's favorite Type of Beer?
  12. What NFL team does Peter Play for?
  13. What does Peter do for A Job?
  14. What was the Item People around the world Looked For To get into the Pawtucket Patriot Factory?
  15. When Peter Created His Own Religion, Who did he Worship?
  16. Who is Stewie's Biggest Rival?
  17. What Is Stewie's Favorite and Best friend?
  18. Who Is the high School Meg and Chris go to named after?
  19. Who does Lois's Brother Patrick Enjoy Killing?
  20. How Do the Griffins get their SuperPowers?
  21. Where do the Griffins live?
  22. What Happens at the Bowling Alley that everyone Gets Dazzled By?
  23. What Does Joe Do For a Living?
  24. What is the difference Between Joe ands Other People of Quahog?
  25. The Task Chris and Peter acclomplish to prove their Indian Is.....?
  26. What Country does Peter's Real Dad, Mickey McFinniGan Live In?
  27. What College did Brian go to?
  28. What do Meg and Neil do on the Hellicopter when they are about to die?
  29. What Favor does Peter ask Death to do for him?
  30. What was Peter's Dream ever sense he was saved by the Black Knight?
  31. Why when Peter Finds out he's not married to Lois Brian calls it a win?
  32. Who Is the Guy in the "Fat Guy Strangler" Who falls down the stairs and says, " o Opo i o o opo e o Ahh"
  33. Who does Meg take to the Prom??
  34. Final Question..... What Does Peter Do to keep Mort Away form their Property?

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