How well do you know Lestat

There are many fans of Lestat out there but only a few ultimate fans. This quiz is going to show you how much you know about the famous vampire Lestat. You will discover things that you never even knew about this vampire and this quiz will bring the word fan to a whole new level. At least where its concerned with Lestat.

Are YOU the ultimate Lestat fan. Do you want to find out how much you really know about him. Have you not always wondered how much you really know. Well thanks to this quiz you are about to find out. And remember that things are not allways what they seem.

Created by: Hayley
  1. When is Lestats Birthday?
  2. What is Lestats Favorite color?
  3. What word is most often used to describe him.
  4. How old is he
  5. What is his title?
  6. What is his favorite disney movie?
  7. Who did he switch bodis with?
  8. Who was one of his fledgings?
  9. Whats his favorite instrumant
  10. What color is his hair
  11. What colour are his eyes?
  12. Who Played him in Interview with the vampire?
  13. Who made him into a vampire?
  14. How well do you know Lestat?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Lestat