What family Guy characeter are you

Have youu always wondered what family guy character you would be I know I have. It has aalways bothered ma and I had wished that there was a way to find out how

Now you can find out. Take this simple short quiz and find out what Familt guy character best suits you. Its definitly worth your time because it was worth mine.

Created by: Steve
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you enjoy watching family guy?
  2. What kind of partier are you?
  3. How do you feel about your job?
  4. if you took over the world what would you do
  5. What is your relationship with your mother
  6. What do you feel about death?
  7. What do your freinds say about you?
  8. If you like someone how would you tell them?
  9. How do you feel about gay marrage?
  10. Who is your favorite character?

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