Family Guy Ultimate quiz

do you think you know all about family guy? then test your inter family guy brain because every smart person has one! Are you the best family guy guy then find out now, now , now.

Family guy, this quiz is about family guy that is all its about just family guy so if you watch that show every night like me then you need to find out if all that watching is coming to use and take my fun smart family guy quiz.

Created by: cassandra johnson
  1. What is stewie's middle name?
  2. what is the name of meg's bully and the guy that likes her?
  3. what was the name of peter when he was undercover at meg's high school?
  4. What is Cleveland's job?
  5. what is quagmire's true love's relation to Peter?
  6. When did brian do drugs?
  7. when brian first met jillian what answer did she give to the question : what is the capital of rhode island?
  8. when stewie receives a tan, who is to blame?
  9. in the same episode, who is to blame of stewie's sunburn and what is the result?
  10. which word does stewie mispronounce funnily to brian?
  11. what is the name of Chris's pimple?
  12. what is the name of lois' brother and his wife?

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