Are you a family guy genius

There are douchbags.. Nerds.... Smarties But it takes a fan to know lots about family guy If you know lots or want to know lots more take the quiz or if you have a lot of free time on your hands take the quiz

If you want to test your skills on family guy take this quiz it seems today that all you see is vioplence and movies and sex on tv but where are those good old fashion values on which we used to rely

Created by: ethan

  1. Who created family guy?
  2. Who voices chris?
  3. How does peter meet brian?
  4. Which members in the griffin family have considered liposuction?
  5. Its time for a......
  6. On the episode (the story on page 1) who does meg admire
  7. What is peters favourite beer
  8. What is megs real fathers name?
  9. What is the street Peter lives on?
  10. What is peters bosses name?
  11. Who of peters friends owns a deli?
  12. What is the school in Quahog named after?
  13. What does quagmire do for a job
  14. In the future what does meg change her name to?
  15. How did stewie get a nerf footbal head?
  16. In the episode (Joes walking on air) Does joe get new legs
  17. Who voices mrs lockhart (chris teacher)
  18. What is brians cousins name
  19. How did joe become crippeled from the waste down.
  20. Whos leg do you have to hump to get ________ around here.
  21. when brian runs away what pet does the griffin family get?
  22. What is stewies most used weapon
  23. What is stewies whole name?
  24. How old is chris
  25. How old is meg
  26. How old is peter
  27. How old is stewie
  28. How old is brian
  29. Who has got liposuction in the griffin family
  30. What is peters black relatives name
  31. What is the pedafiles name
  32. Who does stewie have a crush on..
  33. What is cleavelands wifes name
  34. Whats joes wifes name?
  35. What is quagmires wifes name
  36. Who does Loretta have an affair with
  37. If Peter and lois can save only to children who do they leave?
  38. Who Has a huge crush on meg?
  39. Who is the most popular girl at james woods high?
  40. What is stewies half brothers name
  41. Does stewie ever kill lois
  42. Does stewie ever do steroids.
  43. What is lois mum and dads name?
  44. Does quagmire ever get married in a episode?
  45. Who voices Peter, Quagmire, Brian And stewie
  46. What was created first
  47. What is peters fathers name
  48. What is the name of stewies soft toy

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Quiz topic: Am I a family guy genius