Are You a Sopranos

You want to be part of the Family! Well like see how good you know my Family? If you make it threw the test good thing will be showered on you! If you don't pass well Remember what happens if you don't pass!! :)

The Family is looking for new members? Can you handle it? If you pass the test your part of the family! If not Remember what happened to Ralfy? Tony is looking for some good clip guys!

Created by: John
  1. What is A.J. real name in the show
  2. When Chris got Anderia shoes from a pick up what size what Anderia feet
  3. When Chris got shot and had a dream in the hospital about Tony and Paulie. What time did chris see in his dream?
  4. What is Paulie nick name?
  5. What was the picture of in Dr. Melfre waiting room?
  6. Where did Jacky Jr hid after robbing the card game?
  7. When Carmela was shopping for a suit for A.J. first dance where did she go shopping?
  8. Where is the Baba Bing Located?
  9. What county does Tony Sopranos lived in?
  10. In the first espiodes, Where did Meadow want to go with her friend over Christmas break?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Sopranos