What's your warrior cat name?

Many people make up warrior cat names, and these are only some of my made Clan cat names. Cloverleaf is my favorite made up warrior cat from my imagination.

Which one of my made up warrior cat characters are YOU ? You'll soon find out with my super fun, easy to take, 12 question quiz on YOUR warrior cat name.

Created by: Morgyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would your color pelt be?
  2. What would your type of pelt be?
  3. How many kits would you have?
  4. Which disaster would you rather have hit your camp?
  5. What's your fav prey?
  6. Do you like to swim?
  7. Where would you live?
  8. What Clan would you be in?
  9. Which evil cat do you think is the most dangerous?
  10. What color would your mate's pelt be?

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Quiz topic: What's my warrior cat name?