Which of my warrior cats ocs are you?

Who are you, young warrior? Have you forgotten who you are? Follow me, and I will show you the way back to your hunting grounds. Don't worry! I am a warrior of Starclan, I will not harm you.

(This quiz was made by Almondlover on dA, all characters belong to me! Any names similar to canon names are pure coincidence. Feel free to draw fanart for these characters if you'd like!)

Created by: Almondlover
  1. Hello young warrior, who may you be? What clan are you from?
  2. How interesting! Now tell me young one, how loyal are you to the warrior code?
  3. I see. Now, have you ever considered having a mate and kits?
  4. I didn't expect that coming from a cat like you! Now, which of these skills are you best at?
  5. Are you a leader or a follower?
  6. Now then, I ask you only a few more questions. Do you feel loyal to your birth town, or you're current town?
  7. Do you prefer girls or boys? Or have you not figured that out yet?
  8. Sorry for being so nosy with that last question. Now then little one, are you ready to learn you're destiny?
  9. Now then, this is my final question. What is your DnD alignment? Don't ask me how Starclan knows what that is.
  10. Now then! Let it all be revealed to you! May Starclan light your path!

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Quiz topic: Which of my warrior cats ocs am I?