Find out your warrior maid cine cat or leader name

This quiz is about learning your maicine cat warrior or even leader name clan and personality traits even a little backstory. This quiz based off of the warriors series created by Erin hunter

Ever wondered what your warrior name would be well now you can learn if your a healer or a natural born leader (ha that rhymed) your name the clan if you'd have a mate or even kits also some backstory to your character

Created by: Snowfeather
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  1. What clan rouge camp would you like to be in
  2. What rank do you prefer
  3. If you were betrayed by someone you loved would you ack out for revenge
  4. Would you like to have a mate
  5. Do you want kits
  6. If you were a cat what eye color would you like
  7. What fur colors would you like if you were a cat choose wisely this one is big deciding what your name is
  8. If your loved one died how would you feel
  9. What's your personality
  10. What do you think of this quiz PS all the cats that you get as a warrior name are based off of my warrior fan charecters wolfpelt and sagefeather are together and have three kits named cloudtail frostpool and ashberry all three of them are girls. Badgerstar mares with a cat named fadedeyes and they have two kits who unfortunately die there names are tiger kit and fishkit owlheart's mate is named jackel cause he used to ba a rouge before he came to thunderclan there three kits are lionstreak(boy) snowfeather(girl) and oakfoot(boy). Oh and badgerstar wolfpelt are actually brothers and they have a sister named rabbitfur who was silverpools medicine cat mentor you see rabbitfur badgerstar and wolfpelt were born to blackstripe there father and there mother foxtail long story short badgerstar joins shadowclan and wolfpelt goes missing but later finds out that he's destined not to ba a thunderclan warrior but a Windclan so him and a kittypet named ocean leave for Windclan rabbitfur becomes the thunderclan medicine cat and that's pretty much it so once again what did you think of the quiz it was fun to do and this is my first one there's probably some typos but I think I'll make more May be not sure well see

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Quiz topic: Find out my warrior maid cine cat or leader name