Your Warrior Cat Life

Do you like warriors by Erin Hunter? Have you ever wanted to know who YOU would be? Who knows who you truly are when there are so many possibilities!

You can be a legendary leader or a master of herbs. Maybe you will turn out something that you never wanted to be... A former rouge or forever clan-born, you will see your warrior cat story.

Created by: Enderbat
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  1. As a kit, what do you do all day?
  2. A badger got into the nursery!
  3. It's your apprentice ceremony! Who do you want to be your mentor?
  4. What chore do you have?
  5. Which generation are you? P.S, there is a result in a different gen.
  6. You are now a warrior! Want a mate? If so, do you like certain traits?
  7. There is a big battle between your clan and Forestclan! What do you do?!
  8. Your mentor died...
  9. All medicine cat apprentices are now medicine cats. Did you get a mate? If so, any kits?
  10. What does your pelt look like? P.S no pelt colors in the results😕

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Quiz topic: My Warrior Cat Life