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Hi! Welcome to my first test! I just joined GoToQuiz today, and, well, I wanted to try this. Not a very good quiz, but it will do, right? I mean, it's only my first... C:

If you like Warriors by Erin Hunter, you'll like this, I know it! I took my time on it, and I'm ready to show it off! I hope you like this... I'm pretty excited myself...

Created by: A_Flare_Of_Light
  1. You're walking through the woods when you spot a kit from another clan in danger. What do you do?
  2. It's almost leaf-bare and your best friend is dead; killed by a trespassing rogue/loner. What will you do?
  3. You are leading a patrol close to the Shadowclan border. There's a snap of a twig, and before you could do anything, you're being attacked by other cats. What now?
  4. Jayfeather says you need a checkup.
  5. A fight breaks out in the middle of a Clan Meeting. You see the clouds cover the moon and the stars, but no one seems to notice.
  6. Bramblestar makes you deputy.
  7. A dog is heard by you while you're on a solo patrol. Thinking it wasn't very close, you continue without notice. A few seconds later, you're being attacked by the ugly beast. You-
  8. Pick a clan you'd most likely join.
  9. Special abilities?
  10. Will you please leave a nice comment and/or rate?

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