Warrior Cat Love Story 5

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Quiz Image Have you ever wanted to be a warrior cat, with 3 cats wanting you? Well now you can! Answer 12 basic questions to see which cat you will end up with!

Will it be Darkfeather? Or Mountainfur? Or Shadowgaze? There are many parts to this test... But this is part five... Every day I will make more of these quizzes!

Created by: Katniss31
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  1. RECAP!!! 2 moons later... (OMSC this is like Spongebob!!! (If you get it... YOU ARE AWESOME!!) ) 2 moons later, you decide you do want to have kits. You and ______ (Your mate) do some stuff... (0.o)then you nisit the medicine cat 1 quarter moon later to see if you are having kits. You pad into Sparrowflight's den and ask him if you are. He tells you to lie down on your side. You obey. He plants his paw on your tummy lightly to check. "You are.... GOING TO HAVE KITS!!!!" You yelp in happiness and scamper out of the den. "Thanks, Sparrowflight!!!" You call back. You run up to ____ (Your mate) and tell him the news. He also yelps in happiness and licks your cheek.
  2. INFORMATION THINGY!! I just got a wattpad! If you want to read my story(s) then follow me! My username is warriorcats31 (i think). I haven't written a story yet but i am starting today! If you have a Wattpad then post your username in the comment and i will follow you!!!
  3. OK now onto the story!!! OK let's start... It has been 2 moons and a quarter moon. So you have 1 quarter moon left (a week). You are laying the nursery waiting for one of the apprentices to bring some fresh moss. You decide to go outside into the clearing to share fresh kill with your mate. You call to your mate and you both share a thrush. Then you feel a sudden pain in your stomach and yowl in pain. "The kits are coming!" You howl. Your mate and the deputy, sharp ear, help you to the nursery. The apprentices where just finishing putting down the moss. " out! " the medicine cat yowls to them. They scamper out and you ,at down in the soft moss and feathers. Sharpear and your mate leave. " they are a quarter moon early, sparrowflight meows. You curse under your breath as the first kit comes. " a she-cat!' Sparrow flight says. Then the other 3 come and there are 3 toms.
  4. " What are the names?" Your mate asked you. You point your tail at the bluish-gray she-kit. "She is Moonkit." You answer. Then you point at a brownish-gray and white tom " He is Sparrowkit." then you point to a tom that is the color of the sky during a storm (Dark gray.) "Stormkit" and the last tom, a pure brown tom "And Oakkit" You finish. "Those are wonderful names!!" You mate purrs. Just then you hear a loud yowl in the clearing. "Stay here!" You mate demands. He rushes out. You slowly get up and peak your head out of the nursery. What you see is terrifying! You saw 2 cats lying on the ground ,dead. You looked around for the murderer. You saw a full grown fox battling with 5 warriors. They finally chase the fox out and say its safe. You call over one of the apprentices to watch your kits. Goldenpaw, your former apprentice, nod. You remember with a pang of sadness when Jaywhisker had to take over Goldenpaw's training when you were having kits. You shake your head to clear the memories. You pad out into the clearing to see who the cats were. The sight makes you almost faint.
  5. You see.... You leader! You howl with your clanmates. "Is he just losing a life?" Tons of cats ask the medicine cat. Sparrowflight shakes his head. "Yes, but... He lost all of them. Hawkstar is dead." The whole clan yowls in distress. Just then, you see the deputy, Sharpear, also lying dead. "Who will lead the Clan now?!" A warrior calls out. "Hush!" Sparrowflight says. "I will go to the Sunriver tomorrow to ask Starclan. For now... Ummm... Mountainfur, you will organize patrols. And everyone, do not say anything to the other Clans until we have a new leader! We do not need to seem vulnerable!" When he finishes, He whisks his tail for the group to separate.
  6. 1 sunrise later sparrowflight leaves to go to the Sunriver. Everyone wishes him fairwell.
  7. You go back to the nursery to feed your kits. When Sparrowflight returns, he jumps up onto the Skypile and yowls to the Clan. Everyone gathers in less than a few heartbeats. "The new leader is..." Cliffhanger!!!!!! You like it!? I know you hate me... I AM SORRY!!! ;)
  8. ok bye

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