Warrior Cats Love Story 5

This time, I'm going to try to make my quizzes better. Sound good to you? The life of a warrior is now going into leaf-fall and you become a queen and nurse kits.

Who you truly love remains undecided, although you have a mate, you could still not appreciate it. And any movement might change your life, big or small . . .

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. First off, before we start, which tom was in the talk? (part 3 & 4)
  2. You feel a lurch in your belly as you walk on patrol. Probably your kits. __________ (the cat you chose above) had been fussing over you, but you were able to get away on one border patrol. It was for the shortest stretch of territory, but you're just glad for some fresh air. Creeknose comes up to you."You better get back," she said. "I hear a storm coming." You nod, sighing, but you obey the to-be elder. When you enter camp, __________ rushes up to you, licking you behind the ears. You:
  3. "Come on." __________ ushers you to the nursery. The spacey cave gave a lot of room for you, so you don't even have to duck as you pass through the bushes sheltering the entrance. __________ left, but he came back soon with a piece of fresh-kill. You eat it and taste something strange in it. Looking closer, you see borage leaves! Remembering that they help give milk for nursing queens, you huff and give the mouse to Hikepath, who has many kits. You think:
  4. This question will be short, but which cat out of the three do you dislike most? Their name will be x________x for the next questions.
  5. When you go out again to stretch, x________x comes over. "I heard about them. Congratulations." he says curtly, and stalks away. You watch him, but remember what happened last time between you and _________ and quickly turn away. You stretched like you were going to do and was about to walk in, but Sunstar called a meeting and you went to sit down, _________ next to you and x________x as far away from you as possible. (does it make more sense now with that sentence?) Sunstar announces, like you've been guessing, that Creeknose will retire and become an elder. "Creeknose! Creeknose!" everyone cheers. It is soom raining and you go inside, lulled by the sound of the pit-patting rain and falling into a deep sleep. You dream of:
  6. You wake the next morning to find the ground muddy and wet. A cough wrecks your body. _______, wo was walking by, heard you. "[your name]," he calls, "go to Peachlight's den for me, please. Now." your reaction:
  7. You go to Peachlight's den, another cough shaking you. Peachlight looks up. "Everything alright?" "In my opinion, yes," you reply, "but ________ doesn't think so." You coughed again. "It's natural for him to be worried," Peachlight commented. "Here." he pushed a poultice towards her. "Coltsfoot and tansy. Eat it." You lap up the bitter herbs and return to your nest. Normally you would walk around in camp, to check on the cats, but today you were just weary and tired, and you started sleeping again, this time dreaming of nothing.
  8. When you wake up, you feel worse. Shudders run through your body. It isn't a cough this time. It's something else. You let out a wordless yowl of pain. Hikepath fetched Peachlight while _______ checked on you, then rushed to get moss. Peachlight came and gave you a stick. You shivered and squeezed the stick in your jaws as your first kit slid out, then the second. You though it was over, but another shudder ran through you and a third kit came. "Congratulations," Peachlight said. "Two toms and a she-kit." _________ came. "What will we name them, _________?" he asked. "Honeykit," you say, pointing your muzzle to a golden-white-and cream-colored mix with amber eyes. "Glowkit." You flicked your tail to a blue-gray tomkit with glowing green eyes. "And this will be Troutkit." ___________ turned to the last one, a silver tomkit with blue eyes. You purr, and he does the same. You think:
  9. You are given borage leaves --again-- and a bit of tansy in case the cough comes back. It didn't, luckily for you. Honeykit kneaded her paws at your belly while Troutkit curled up and Glowkit looked around with wide eyes. They had opened their eyes quickly, but were still newborns and too young to wander. x__________x comes in and drops a rabbit at your paws. "Eat." Suspicious, you slice the rabbit open and see something red. Deathberries! Shocked, you take them to Peachlight. Peachlight is also shocked. "Who gave you this?" Peachlight asks. "x________x," you say. "Well, he won't get away with it," said Peachlight. "I'm telling your mate and Sunstar." You think:
  10. Peachlight gets ____________ and the two go to Sunstar's den, and you return to your kits after wiping your paws on the grass. They start taking a nap and you sigh. A yowl of outrage comes from Sunstar's den. "x_______x," he says, "come here." And . . . Cliffhanger!

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