What is your Life as a Warrior

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This is all about your life as a warrior cat. Whenever you see _____kit/paw, or ______star, fill in the blank with your own prefix! The answer you get will be about if you survive the dog attack *it's in the quiz, okay?* . This is a roleplay quiz, so please X out if you don't like Warrior Cats Roleplay.

Do you survive the dog attack? Can you help nurture your clan so it grows for generations? Or are you the unlucky one, who has to join Starclan at this tragic moment? Find out, when you play this quiz!

Created by: Pansypetal

  1. You start out as a kit named ______kit. You awake one morning to find it is sunny outside. What do you do first?
  2. A few moons pass by, and you become _____paw. Your mentor, Sorrelfern, takes you out on dawn patrol. When done, she asks you to clean the elders' ticks. Your response?
  3. One night, you are chosen to go to the Gathering. Your leader, ____star, announces you as ___paw! What do you do as the four clans cheer your name?
  4. A moon later, you are out hunting when you see a kit drowning. What do you do?
  5. Whichever answer you chose, you have saved the kit, and brought it back to your clan. You find out the kit is a he, and the leader names it Swallowkit. Later, _____star asks you if, when you are declared a warrior and Swallowkit is old enough, if you would like to mentor him. Yes?
  6. You become a warrior! What do you do when you sit vigil?
  7. You get to mentor Swallowpaw! What is your response?
  8. ___star chooses you as his/her deputy, three moons after you have been declared Swallowpaw's mentor. You dash out into camp, bursting with excitement. Who will you tell first about your deputyship?
  9. When on guard, you scent a weird smell. Do you follow it?
  10. You are back at camp when the dog runs into camp! It must have followed you. Its pack comes streaming after it. Which move do you use?

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