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Hi! These Clans and leaders are completely made up, if you don't like, don't take this! If you are fine with it, plese proceed to the next paragraph!

You are a CloudClan cat named Blossomkit. You have a brother named Caramelkit, but your mother was drowned by a flood. VineClan's leader, Ivystar, saved you and accepted you into her Clan. Have fun!

Created by: Riversong
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  1. Please read the opening paragraphs!!!
  2. Let's go ahead and start! :D
  3. You open your eyes, seeing a big white blob. It then defines into ears, bright green eyes, a pink-ish nose, whiskers, and a proud grin. It was a she-cat. You feel an emotion towards her. You decide to call it happy. You look over and see a dark-brown blob, and it defines into dark-blue eyes, whiskers, a nose, and light-brown ears. You feel the happy feeling again. You decide to:
  4. You then hear a voice. The she-cat was speaking! "I'll call this one Blossomkit, and this one Caramelkit." As she said the names, she nuzzled them. Her voice was soothing, but then there was a rumble. Suddenly there were screams as cats ran from a big. blue mass. You were picked up by the scruff and rushed out of the camp. The big blue mass became bigger, and the white she-cat become swallowed by it. What do you do!?
  5. After you do that, the big blue mass becomes bigger. You then hear pawsteps, and are carried into the air, then rushed through the forest. You were put on a cluster of very warm rocks, and other cats were there as well. everything else but brown and green blobs were left other than the blue. The green and brown blobs turned into bark and leaves. Your heart raced like crazy as you and Caramelkit were set in the middle of the circle of cats. What do you do?
  6. The circle of cats begin murmuring, but another quieted them all easily. She bent down and whispered to you and Caramelkit, "Are you okay, little ones?" Her voice was soft and gentle. You trembled, giving out a small nod. She then says, "Can you talk properly?" You shake your head, but as Caramelkit was barely older, he gave a nod. "Then tell us your names, please." Caramel kit squeaked out, "C-Caramelk-kit...B-Blos-ssomkit...". What do you do?
  7. "My name is Ivystar. I'm the leader of VineClan. Our rival Clans are StoneClan and CloudClan. This is my Clan," Ivystar said, pointing her muzzle to the group of cats. She silently added, "Or what's left of them...." Ivystar looked at a pale-ginger queen with two kits sitting beside her paws. "Sandpelt, will you take care of Blossomkit and Caramelkit aswell, along with Blazekit and Willowkit?" By now, the flood waters have lowered so much, the grass was visible. "Of course, Ivystar." She walked forward and picked up the two kits from their scruff, placing them next to her paws. What do you do?
  8. Blazekit's ginger pelt glowed against the new sun, looking like fire. As you look over, Willowkit's pelt was a dark grey, but was neatly groomed, making him look a bit skinnier that usual, but it had a sleek appearance. The other cats started to follow their leader off the warm rocks. Another queen walked up and carried up and Caramelkit, while Sandpelt carried Willowkit and Blazekit. You headed through gorse bushes, then arrive at a large clearing with multiple dens. Some cats went into one den, others went into other dens. You were carried to a den filled with queens and kits. The queen carrying you walked into a corner of the den. Sandpelt nuzzled you, Caramelkit, Blazekit, and Willowkit near her belly, and all of you begin suckling. You are between Blazekit and Caramelkit. What do you do?
  9. Aaaaaand that's it. Sorry it was kinda short, but I'm new to this story stuffs x3
  10. Has a cookie.

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