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How would your life as a warrior be? Would you be a queen, or a warrior? Who knows, you may even become leader. Not every one is meant to lead, but everyone has a place in the Clan.

Are you a leader, or queen? Would you train to be a warrior, or your clan's next medicine cat. In this short quiz, you will find out where you stand in the world of warriors.

Created by: duskfire

  1. "Spottedpaw, wake up! We have to do dawn patrol and Nightcloud wants you!" You blink and look up. Your sister Sparkpaw is standing over you, her golden pelt sparkling and blue eyes glowing.
  2. You get up and stretch. You then pad into the clearing when you notice someone bump into. You turn around and find yourself face to face with a silver tom.
  3. "Sorry, I didn't see you." I draws a paw over his ear and avoids your gaze. "I'm Jaypaw." "I'm Spottedpaw." I told him cheerfully. "See you later, I'm on dawn patrol.
  4. You trot over to where Sparkpaw is waiting with Nightcloud and Leafstorm. "Sorry I'm late." You mew. Nightcloud has already started walking and you follow her into the woods.
  5. The forest is quiet, a little too quiet, you stop to sniff the air and-- "Nightclan attack!" Too late you race towards Sparkpaw who was fighting two toms while defending Leafstorm.
  6. You slash a tom's nose and send him back a little, giving you just enough time to check on Leafstorm. There was a deep gask from her throat the the tip of her hindleg.
  7. "Spottedpaw, look out!" I heard someone yowl at the same time as I collapsed. Someone was on my back and I couldn't escape
  8. Suddenly the weight vanishes and you see a silver flash. You watch as Jaypaw defends you until your vivion fades into darkness.
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  10. Bye. I'll make another one, should I?

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